Om Hawaii: website redesign + online sign-up capabilities

There’s No Place Like Om is a yoga studio in Hawaii. The original website was basic HTML, not mobile-friendly, and didn’t have online sign-up capability. The studio owner wanted a website that encouraged feelings of being grounded by incorporating earthy colors with pops of brighter hues representative of the Hawaiian landscape. Turquoise embodies the calming nature of the ocean, and energetic orange symbolizes the luscious island flora.

This re-design site is responsive across all platforms, has online sign-up integration, and a fresh face for the studio.

In the first week of its launch, the studio had a 75% increase in participants signing up for classes due to the online sign-up integration. 


UX + web designer

Squarespace, HTML/CSS, MindBody

2 months


process, problems + solutions


The Problem

There's No Place Like Om had a website, but it had practically no functionality. It was built on basic HTML, so visually it had no character. Even more so, the website lacked any substance – there was nothing more than a brief landing page telling the world that they existed. 

 They needed a ground up rebuild for their site. And with that rebuild, they really wanted to have the capability for online class and event sign-ups.  

Main areas of concern:

  • Mobile Friendly – this was right around the time when Google announced it would ding companies that didn't have mobile responsive sites

  • Class + Event sign-ups – current site didn't have this capability

  • Visual design – the site was unattractive and outdated aesthetically

  • Content – there was no useful content on their site

  • Needed to represent the heart of the business



The Process

Figuring out the key elements

Working with Fin Media Co., we set out to understand Om's needs from a content, visual, and clientele perspective. Their key desires were:

Inclusivity – they wanted to show they were a studio for all ages, bodies, and personalities
Color palette creation – colors needed to be grounding and representative of Hawaiian energy
Easy sign-ups – studio goers needed a simple sign-up solution
Class schedule – needed a clear schedule for classes and fees
Photography – we were lucky they had such great photography, we just needed to make it shine 

Putting the pieces together

For the first couple weeks, I worked with Fin Media and Om to come up with a solid site structure, wireframing where everything would go. Next up was the color palette creation followed by photo selection. From there, the process of building and receiving regular feedback from all parties was a fluid process.


In the first week of the new site's launch, the studio had a 75% increase in participants signing up for classes due to the online sign-up integration. They also received numerous compliments on the site overall. All parties were pleased with the results! 

Large, rich hero images helped paint the picture of inclusivity. 

Class sign-ups with ease.



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