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An effective website is not to be overlooked.

How many times have you been doing an internet search and open up a webpage that lacks any design aesthetic and UX?  A lot.  When this happens to me, I chose a different site, because I don't want to waste my time on an ineffective tool.  I hope that doesn't happen to you when you visit my site (if it does, let me know what you think needs improvement!).  My site is based on a Squarespace template.  The variety of beautiful templates they have offer incredible usability, customization, and all the tools you need to create a website to showcase your business, brand, portfolio, and YOU in general.  

I believe tools like Squarespace and Wordpress are rapidly going to take over the web sphere (well, they pretty much already are...) because of their ability to offer what every business needs - a functional website.  Especially as our marketplace expands to include more and more internet store fronts, the website is all the user/customer is going to see. If it doesn't work, doesn't express your brand's message, or just lacks any pull, that business will flounder.  

Not everyone knows the mechanics of a successful website.  This is where myself (and all ya'll over tech savvy folks take the stage).  Sometimes you just need to hand over part of your business to the experts.  An essential element of my business is to help your business.  

So let's make a team - I love the design, you love the business management.  We can shake on it that in a short period of time you will have launched into a new realm of happier customers.

Ok, go! 

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