Megan Melack


Tea & Chocolate

It's Wednesday morning in July.  I'm feeling groggy for 2 reasons.

1) I awoke last night somewhere around the 3am time slot because I heard what sounded like rain.  While we are in a devastating drought, this was the sound of glory! Especially as a mountain biker.  Maybe I shouldn't quite call it rain, but the ground was certainly wet when I ran outside this morning to see what nature had up her sleeve last night.

2) My mind was blowing up with plans for the idea I've been stewing on for some months.  I won't tell you what it's all about yet. But I will say I am out to "Spread the Stoke" just as my title says.  I will also say, the closet feminist inside me assisted in the development of this agenda.  Stay tuned, because I know you will be STOKED once you learn what it's all about.

Now it's time to drink more pu-erh tea and sample some dark chocolate.  

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