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Community support.

In an effort to take my art to more viewers, I emailed several local cafes last night that display local art on a monthly rolling basis.  Within 3 hours, I already had two agree to host me! Today, while getting my bangs trimmed, I noticed the salon had some beautifully detailed watercolor illustrations on display. I asked the stylist if they would consider looking at my work.  Lucky for me and this handy site, I was able to show her right then and there. Her response was immediately positive.  I was honored that she thought I would fit in not only with the eclectic and edgy feel of the salon, but also that my pieces could be placed alongside work selling for $1400.

I'm incredibly blessed to live in a town that supports local artists and is so willing to share our artwork.  My work won't be on display for some months (they really get booked!), but I'll be sure to share the news when it's up in action. 

Be sure to wander the site - new changes and fresh pieces have been put up!

Until next time...


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