Megan Melack


A sense of satisfaction.

I started this website months ago, but let it fall to recesses of my mind.  I finally brought it to life after a motivating Easter Day hike.  It wasn't that I had a direct thought that I needed to do it, rather, it was observing the little flowers that were not there last time I ventured through those trails.  Those little flowers turned a switch, giving me fresh ideas for t-shirt designs...and those designs were what needed to be on this website.  Immediately upon arriving home, I got camera happy and website ready.

Today I have for you the first stage of this site.  More paintings will arrive.  New designs will grace the pages.  And a shop section will open up for you to rock one of my t-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt graphics.  And of course, you can always contact me about my work, whether you have a question about the process or are interested in purchasing.

Looking forward to your visits! 

Be well and be stoked.


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