Sketchnoting + blockchain


Practicing translating my notes 

and idea into sketchnotes 


Blockchain and sustainability are deeply complex topics, each with their own set of challenges. However, social participation is at the core of their challenges. One of the key problems they both face is adoption by enough people. In the case of creating a more transparent, sustainable food system, participation is critical. Just as combating climate change won't happen if only a handful of people work to address it, implementing blockchain into the foundation of our food system won't work unless all parties involved play their part. 

Walmart and 9 Food Giants Team Up on IBM Blockchain Plans 

Succinctly describing blockchain is one immediate issue in its ability to being incorporated on a systemic level. If people can't even describe it, how will it be adopted? 

However, as more people get educated and recognize the immense capacity blockchain holds, we won't have to wait over 6 days to find the source of bad mangoes (for example), we can do it in two seconds. 

(short video + article)


Design Is the Problem 

While the market of sustainability is growing, the consumer base is still quite small. Most people still remain indifferent towards the idea of being a conscious consumer.



Can Blockchain Make Our Food System More Sustainable?

Blockchain has some intriguing methods of engaging producers in being more sustainably minded, but for whole scale implementation to take place, consumer buying behavior needs to shift. 


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