Above Endo: content, visuals, ux + web design

Endometriosis effects at least 1 in 10 women. When exploring resources and reading through stories of women suffering with this disease, I noticed a huge amount of negativity as well as confusion, especially a lack of easily accessible resources that cover all aspects of healing.

Having personally battled with endo (and found a way through the pain), I wanted to collect the positivity, the journey that does have a light at the end. This site is still evolving, and I hope to see it touch the lives of not only those women with endo, but also the lives of anyone effected by this frustrating illness.



Squarespace, Illustrator

6 months; ongoing



Endometriosis has only recently started to get some understanding from the greater populous. However, many people still don’t know about it, and finding an easy source of information is hard. There are a number of info sites for endo, but many don’t paint a full picture. There’s also a lot of fear associated with endo, and I wanted to create platform to help women and those affected feel more in control with more hope.



The Process

  1. Idea born

  2. What to include

  3. Researching existing sites + resources

  4. Listing out key opportunities based on research

  5. Building out the site architecture

  6. Writing content

  7. Creating visual style guide + branding

  8. Creating survey to get input from women with endo

  9. Reaching out to community groups to capture stories

  10. User testing site

  11. Adapting changes

  12. Spreading the word!


Important Notebook Ramblings


Visuals: Color time!

I wanted subtly feminine colors. A slight retro mod appeal. Primary colors with dusty hints. A look that could stand out without yelling too loud.

The logo needed to be simple, stating and showing the mission within it. Something that was recognizable from a quick glance, that would easily be transferred onto a shirt or beanie (if I decided to make some merch).


Moodboard making is definitely a fav hobby of mine. And picking out colors is really soul satisfying.


Taking a Look at the Site Now


Treatments overview page


Sample of treatments page block


The homepage

See it all here: aboveendo.com