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My Statement

Driven by curiosity and optimism, I see my environment as a platform for exploration and discovery.

With a background in psychology and interaction design, I come well equipped for human centered design. I am propelled by collaborative work focused on solving social challenges and re-imagining technology’s role in our lives. With a keen ability to create connections and build relationships, I am innately people focused. 

I want to work with companies looking to shape solutions for positive change. The opportunity to better integrate technology in our social and natural environments, enhancing and unifying these spaces, motivates and inspires me.

My Process

I always start a project from a place of inquiry followed by exploration. This focus leads to generating interview questions, diving into readings on the topic, or taking a walk with an open mind. I allow the process to be fluid; if I unveil insights that open a new door, I flow where the energy is moving. Once I’ve grounded myself in a strong “how might we” statement, I initiate ideation and prototyping. Nothing beats free hand scribbling ideas on a piece of paper to ignite the prototyping process!

From rough, hand drawn sketches to higher fidelity prototypes, I continue the flow of inquiry, asking questions, testing with specified audiences, and making tweaks along the way. The exploration and experimentation takes me to dialing in pixels, driving in the final screws, and tying it all together with a story ready to be shared.